Wastewater and Environment

 Minimize negative impacts on health and the environment

Septek Filter offers various filter media solutions for wastewater treatment, incineration plants, and other environmental applications. Our filter cloths effectively remove harmful chemicals in solid, liquid, and gas form, minimizing negative impacts on health and the environment.

Examples of filtration applications:

  • Dewatering of sewage sludge
  • Dewatering of gypsum
  • Flue gas desulphurization
  • Dewatering of industrial sewage
  • Flue gas and dust filtration

Product examples

Filter press cloths in different types of fabrics showing several features including barrel neck, latex sealing, and CGR

Filter Press Cloths

We provide filter cloths for all kind of process applications and to all OEM Filter press types.

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Filter Plates

Filter plates for standard models or custom made.

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Filter Bags For Flue Gas & Dust Collection

Septek Filter offers high performance filter bags for dust collection and flue gas filtration.

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Vacuum Belt Filter Cloths

We provide different filter belt fabrics in a variety of materials, edge treatments and options of seam connections.

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