Paper and pulp

Our main focus is in the chemical recovery at sulphate pulp mills

Septek Filter AB provides filter cloths for the paper and pulp industry. Our main focus in this application segment is in the chemical recovery at sulphate pulp mills. Filtration media plays a vital part in this process, not only to efficiently filter and recover the chemicals but also by attaining a long life cycle. Septek provides a leak free durable filter cloth solution which results in a clear filtrate with low levels of sludge.

Examples of filtration applications:

  • Green liquor filtration
  • White liquor filtration
  • Mesa filtration

Please contact us for more information about our filter products for the paper and pulp industry.

Product examples

Pressurized Disc Filter Bags

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Clarifil & Eco Tube Filter

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Filter Bags For Dust Collection

Septek Filter offers high performance filter bags for dust collection and flue gas filtration.

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Vacuum Disc Filter Bags

Our bags is custom made according to the disc segment our customer uses.

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Filter Press Cloths

We provide filter cloths for all kind of process applications and to all OEM Filter press types.

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