Paper and Pulp

Our main focus is in the chemical recovery at sulphate pulp mills

Septek Filter offers high-quality filter cloths for the paper and pulp industry, with a focus on chemical recovery at sulphate pulp mills. Our durable and leak-free filtration media ensures efficient chemical filtration and recovery, resulting in clear filtrate with minimal sludge. By providing long-lasting solutions, we help our customers optimize their operations and reduce their environmental impact.

Examples of filtration applications:

  • Green liquor filtration
  • White liquor filtration
  • Mesa filtration

Product examples

Pressurized Disc Filter Bags and Segments

Septek Filter provides both disc filter segments and disc filter bags for white and green Liquor filtration. Our durable filter bag fabric in 100% polypropylene provides long lifetime and a clear filtrate.

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Clarifil & Eco Tube Filter

Septek Filter provides both perforated stainless steel tubes and filter socks for white liquor filtration. In this application it is important to achieve a leak free filter sock installation which improves a clear filtrate. This is obtained with a welded filter sock that is thoroughly sealed in both ends combined with a sealing rubber o-ring.

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Filter Bags For Flue Gas & Dust Collection

Septek Filter offers high performance filter bags for dust collection and flue gas filtration.

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Vacuum Disc Filter Bags

Our bags are custom made according to the disc segment our customer uses.

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Filter press cloths in different types of fabrics showing several features including barrel neck, latex sealing, and CGR

Filter Press Cloths

We provide filter cloths for all kind of process applications and to all OEM Filter press types.

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