Filtration media products for the process industries

Our history

Our roots stem from woolen and worsted spinning of wool fibre and synthetic man-made fibres in the late 1960s. Through the spinning process, valuable knowledge was obtained regarding fibre formation and yarn construction, and the interaction between fibre and yarn surfaces, solids/particles and liquids/gases. Further knowledge was acquired in specific areas such as textile mechanics and polymeric materials. There followed work in the filtration industry during the late 1970s and 1980s, which yielded additional experience and expertise within filtration fabric technology and early development of e-PTFE membrane filtration technology. Septek was founded as a family company in 1990 to provide filtration fabric solutions for the Mining-, Paper & Pulp- and other process industries, mainly in the Nordic countries. Since then, the company has not only expanded into new fields of filtration and separation, but also into new markets in other parts of the world.

Quality policy

Septek Filter AB is specialized in textile filter media for wet filtration within the process industries. Through tailored filter media products, we provide a reliable and cost-effective solution for our clients. With production in Mölnlycke, Sweden and a close relationship with our clients, we always strive for finding the most optimal solution. Great quality is one of our core values and we take great pride in always trying to provide the most high-quality products possible.

This is done through:

  • Listening to clients to understand their needs in order to fulfil and exceed their expectations and requirements
  • Evaluating our processes and acting to always improve them
  • Increasing knowledge and awareness of quality related questions amongst our staff to create a culture where high quality is the focus


ISO 9001:2015 certificate